Insider 版本 v0.15.4 开始测试



  • 添加了 toggle windows always on top 命令以让新建窗口始终于前台。


  • MacOS 下的原生滚动条修复,并且可以通过主题文件调整。
  • 将笔记放置于新窗口中,新窗口大小将于笔记原面板大小一致。
  • 改进了切换窗口时对新建窗口的聚焦。

Bug 修复

  • 修复了 open in new window 命令不会将焦点定位于新面板的问题。
  • 现在在弹出窗口中也可以使用剪贴板。
  • 修复了文件列表有时无法在默认路径创建笔记的问题。
  • 在页面中的反向链接面板现在不会在弹出窗口中消失。
  • 修复了控制侧边栏的命令。
  • 弹出窗口现在将会记忆自己的大小和位置,以便在最大化、最小化后恢复。
  • 修复了实时预览模式下表格渲染的问题。
  • 修复了标注中待办事项的对齐问题。


  • We’ve made several improvements to the workspace API to improve plugin compatibility with v0.15.X. If you’ve been experiencing compatibility issues with your plugin (views opening in the wrong leaf, files opening without focus), we recommend testing against this version to see if the issues have been resolved.
  • For plugin and theme developers: we’ve made changes to the Suggest component’s DOM structure. If your plugin is attaching itself to core Suggest components or mimicking the Suggest component structure, it will likely be impacted.
    • The new DOM structure is:
- .suggestion-item
	- .suggestion-content
		- .suggestion-title
		- .suggestion-note (optional)
	- .suggestion-aux
		- .suggestion-hotkey (optional)
		- .suggestion-flair (optional)
  • The behavior of workspace.getActiveFile has been updated to now return the file of the most recently active FileView. This change should improve compatibility for custom views now that sidebar views are focusable. If you were previously using workspace.getMostRecentlyActiveFile for v0.15.X compatibility, please switch back to getActiveFile.
  • Note: Theme developers can avoid overriding the macOS native scrollbars by targeting body:not(.native-scrollbars) for any scrollbar styling.

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