v1.2.7與Mobile 1.4.4已開放下載


@everyone Obsidian Desktop v1.2.7 and Mobile 1.4.4 (Build 99) are now available for everyone!

  • Bookmarks core plugin! The Starred plugin has been replaced with a new shiny Bookmarks . core plugin that’s more powerful and capable of unlocking new and exciting workflows.
  • Search UI improvements: the Global Search view has undergone a design refresh.
  • Hotkey settings improvements: Filter your hotkeys by assigned, unassigned. Even search by hotkey.

The Installer has been updated to use Electron v24 (requires downloading the latest Installer from Download - Obsidian).

Full release notes Desktop: Obsidian Release v1.2.7 - Announcements - Obsidian Forum
Mobile: Obsidian Mobile v1.4.4, Build 99 - Announcements - Obsidian Forum

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